We have introduce FPC manufacture cutting process, and it’s an economy effecting FPC manufacture shape method.
This article will discuss the FPC manufacture final fabrication process.
If you have read our series technical article, you will find the most important is protecting flex circuit performance.
In other words, each step process must consider flex circuit protection.

The die cuts final fabrication method of FPC manufacture

In cutting flex PCB article, we have mentioned that prototype flex PCB use cutting method.
And during mass production flex PCB board manufacture cars, use punch and sets to shape flex PCB is more effective.
Individual parts die cut have higher precision than other method.
Consider the flex productivity, cost, final fabrication use dye can re-used.

Other FPC manufactures final fabrication methods

Except die or cutting method, flex PCB shape process has other methods.
Other methods include laser cutting, mechanical routing, steel rule dies and chemically milled dies depending upon specific design requirements.
But similar to flex PCB manufacture cutting method, those methods aren’t using in mass production manufacture.

FPC manufacture final fabrication process