Since 2002, Autopal PCB Electronic Limited (Autopal) has been striving to create strategic client alliances by consistently excelling in the areas of Quality, Customer Service, Communication, Capabilities, Technical Support and Logistics. We pride ourselves on not differentiating our service levels based on the volume or the technology of a requirement. We understand that quality is a given and commit our entire organizational effort to maintaining the highest quality product and services.


Providing electronic contract manufacturing services

Autopal PCB board

Right mix of electronic manufacturing and material services


ISO 9001:2008 and TS 16949:2009 certified

Contract manufacturing services

providing the automotive industry with robust quality electronics manufacturing solutions


EMS, NPI and components sourcing professionals work

communications markets

over 10 years experience in serving the communications markets


display technology OEMs turnkey Service

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create a custom solution for low-to-medium volume, high-mix products. Quote


complex industrial solution for autopal

Industrial PCB OEMs

We can help you with your membrane switches, rubber keypads, flexible circuits


Meet the growing needs of the LED lighting industry

LED lighting industry

provide our customers with quality electronic PCB for LED lighting applications


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 & FDA registered certified

electronic medical devices

offering the highest level of printed circuit board


electronic manufacturing solutions and services


custom designed electronic manufacturing solutions and services to meet your unique needs.