Flex-Rigid PCB

Autopal supports the needs of our OEM partners with the right mix of electronic manufacturing and material services, along with technical expertise to meet the requirements of our safety and security customers – providing electronic contract manufacturing services for printed circuit board assemblies from prototype through full scale production, Surface Mount (SMT), through hole, inspection, programming, testing & systems integration.

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Autopal PCB sulution for Flex-Rigid PCB
Autopal PCB sulution for High-Tg PCB

High-Tg PCB

Autopal is capable to manufacture High-Tg PCBs for automobile, automotive, industry, and high-temperature electronics applications.
Our advanced circuits engineering team will review your circuit design file, confirm with you about questions and concerns before production to make sure the boards will be precisely manufactured.

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Autopal manufactures HDI printed circuit boards for communicating, aerospace, medical and consumer electronics applications. Our team reviews and checks each design, discusses with you before production to make sure the circuit design is ready for manufacturing and your boards will be produced with the performance you demanded.

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Autopal PCB sulution for HDI PCB
Autopal PCB sulution for Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB

Autopal specializes in manufacturing Aluminum PCBs for LED, power equipment and automotive systems. We understand project’s success largely depends on our exact understanding and implement during the production, that’s why our high-experienced engineering team will check each custom PCB design before production.

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