Autopal manufactures HDI printed circuit boards for communicating, aerospace, medical and consumer electronics applications. Our team reviews and checks each design, discusses with you before production to make sure the circuit design is ready for manufacturing and your boards will be produced with the performance you demanded.

Autopal PCB sulution for HDI PCB

HDI PCB Capability

Layer 4-24
Max. Number of Interconnected layer 4
Material FR4 standard Tg 140C,FR4 High Tg 170C, FR4 and Rogers combined lamination
Thickness (Finished Board) 0.4mm-3.0MM
Max. Board Size 457mm*610mm
Copper Weight 0.5oz-2.0 oz
Surface Finish HASL -Hot Air Solder Leveling
Lead Free HASL – RoHS
ENIG -Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold – RoHS
Immersion Silver – RoHS
Immersion Tin – RoHS
OSP -Organic Solderability Preservatives – RoHS
Soldermask Color Green, red, black, yellow, white, blue, green matt, black matt
Silkscreen Legend Color White, Black, Yellow
HDI Structures Check the following chart
Max. Exponents of Blind/Buried Vias stacked vias for 3 layers interconnected, staggered vias for 4 layers interconnected
Min. Tracing/Spacing 2.5mil/2.5 mil
Min. Diameter of Drill 6mil
Min. Diameter of Laser Drill 4mil
Min. Annular Ring of Drill 4mil
Min. Annular Ring of Laser Drill 3mil
Flex-Rigid combination Yes
Via In Pad Yes
Buried Capacitor prototype only(The total area should be smaller than 1 Square meter)
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