What is Embedding Components?

Embedding Components are very newly defined for electronic designers.
That’s the reason why 4MCPCB should introduce the embedding component definition.
In some traditions PCB factories, like some Metal Core PCB factories in China, the designer follows their experience pass used.
Most of them don’t know what is embedding components, and how to design embedding component project.

All of their projects, the printed circuit board just served as the platform for mounting.
Yes, the interconnecting acting ability is the main performance of PCB board.
And the passive components on the outer surfaces, that’s the reason why named this process as mounted components on the PCB.

Embedding component design is the electronic design trend in next 5 years

More and more smart devices have created.
If you ask the designer of those smart devices, the answer always likes below:
Most of those companies attempting to improve functionality and minimize space.
And the design processes are very different with the traditional one.
All of them will consider embedding a board range of these components within the circuit structure.

This means you should consider the mounting components process during design PCB construction.
That’s the reason why the PCB designers require higher construction knowledge than before.

The design mind of embedding components differs traditional’s

So what’s the difference between embedding components and the traditional PCB design mind.
The biggest one is the PCB construction design.
In most of traditional PCB design projects, just consider the space of the trance.
Due to the bigger space between traces, the mount components process will be easier.
But in most of smart device design cases, most of the PCB designer will consider the embedding components design mind.

This means you should decide to embed components within the multilayer circuit structure design process.
This is very early for most traditional PCB designers, especially for metal core PCB designers.