Do you know Jet engine controls?

This post we are going to discuss flexible use in Jet engine controls.
Here the definition of Jet engine control, Aircraft engine controls provide a means for the pilot to control and monitor the operation of the aircraft’s powerplant.
Most of the time Jet engine controls are application in military.
The reasons why choose flexible PCB

The top three reasons why choose flexible PCB for jet engine controls?

First of all, increased reliability for jet engine controls.
As we know most of jet engine controls use for military, how to ensure its reliability is very important.

Then is considered the thermal of jet engine controls.
Conpare with metal core PCB board, flexible PCB have it’s own themal advantage.
If you have a look the working jet engine r controls, you may hardly adapt it’s temperature.
That’s the reason why most jet engine r controls take more consider in the thermal manager design.

The last but not the least, lower assembly costs.
If you have researched the reason why choose flexible PCB, you will find that cost down is the main factor.
Almost all bosses want to use less money to do more projects or products.