China PCB industry is a very different market.

Because there were so many PCB companies have provided PCB fabrication quote service.
But not all PCB companies have their own factory to produce. we want to share more common sense of the PCB fabrication quote, then more PCB purchase know this market.
This post is focusing on PCB new guys who want to custom PCB board from China.
Angel will introduce some common sense of China PCB industry.\

First of all you should have a good mentality to this PCB market.

Yes, there were many cheap PCB fabrication from China.
But this doesn’t mean all of China PCB companies have a low price PCB board.
And the deeply point is the quality of the PCB fabrication quote.
Most PCB purchase just believes some internet website, built wrong view of China PCB market.
Angel wants to claim that if you want to find the real answer about the quality of the PCB fabrication quote, you can place a prototype PCB to a normal PCB fabrication, like
The common sense of PCB Fabrication Quote from China